PT. PUTRA ANAPOISSINA NUSANTARA is one of the most established Shipping Agency in Batam Island. Supported by experienced staff to cover all services related to the shipping business, from shipping agent, to shipping Brokerage, Crew manning and Bunkering Services. We believe that experience, capability and facility should be nothing without any good relationship with ship Owners, Crew and legal management. If you are tired of inexperienced incompetent staff at your current ship agent, than its time to change PT. PUTRA ANAPOISSINA NUSANTARA, and deal with experienced professionals. Which means you can be confident that whatever the task, it will be handled with total reliability. As corporation which is shipping oriented and competent in Shipping Agency Business, we believe that we able to provide the best services in this business. Supported by experienced and skilled staff to serve several of ship in Batam Island port.

PT. PUTRA ANAPOISSINA NUSANTARA realize that the shipping Agency is an Assigned Service being the bridge between the ship, Owner, Harbor Management and Legal Regulation for the ship requirement perform the job Accomplished right on time, such as the schedule for Departure, Arrival, Loading or Unloading, etc. According to these requirements we serve to arrange permit documentation in local legal Management Office as well, such as:


As a shipping agency which has the dedication, we always try to give the best service for our client. Our services are including:tb5

Shipping agency

Cargo Doring and Stevedoring

Equipment moving

Custom clearance

Freight forwarder

Ship Documentation


Ship crew


P.I.B : Import Documentation

P. E. B : Eport Documentation

B.C. 23 : Temporary Import Document

Ship to ship Permit Etc


Immigration Using Permit Arrangement for Foreign Crew who want to joint ship Ararrange Businiss Visa to the Owner Representative:

Dasuskim Permit (Stay Permit to Foreign Crew). We capable to arrange this Stay Permit for 3 month and it can be etend. Used for foreign crew who want to joint ship which operate in Indonesian Area or Under Repair in shipyard should be arrange before arriving joint ship before got Dahsuskim Permit, Sign On and P.O.A ( Foreign Register to Dasuskim Permit Handling).

Visa – 111, Used for foreign crew who want to joint ship which that ship shall be going out from Indonesian Area. We capable to change Visa – 111 into Visa 312 to prepare in special case,and followed by Dahsuskim Permit, Sign On and P.O.A.

Visa on Arrival, used for tourist, can not be extended and can not be used to sign on. For the urgent situation, we have experience to change this into Visa – 312 tu following Dahsuskim Permit, Sign On and P.O.A.

Visa – 211, Single Business Visa. Used for Owner Representative who want to do Business Activity. Valid for 60 days and used for one-way entry permit.

Visa – 212, Multy Business Visa Used for Owner Representative who want to do Business Activity. Cotroling Product Or etc. Valid for a year and used for multy entry permi

Doing Activity Port Healt Master:


Pest Control and Derrating Service

Published Healt Book

Derrating Exemption Certificate

Port Master

Managing In – Out Clearance varieties vessel:

In – Out Clearance

Published Launching Permit,Shifting Permit/Sea Trial, etc

Published ship and crew Document


For Vessel under Docking or Repair Status, we provide Certificate arrangement from Marine Inspector to Reduce Port Disbursement.

We have own office building whit strategic location and good communication equipment.

We can move faster doin service and activity without any delay because we supporrted by complete equipment. Each employe has experience in C.I.Q.P Service Management, we have good system in handling service your crew and vessels better than the other.


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